Why is Brazil Going Crazy about Pokemon Go?

While Pokemon Go enjoys a massive popularity worldwide, one of the countries that have been caught up in this craze is Brazil. There is no doubt that Brazil is going crazy about Pokemon Go. But, what is the reason for this popularity? What does Pokemon Go have that you won’t find in other games? Well, to give you a better perspective of the reality on the ground, here are the main reasons why Brazil is going crazy about Pokemon Go. If you like to watch movies containing pokemon you will be interested in one of my favorite movies, go here to read the review of fear of the dark movie.

  • Pokemon Go has a Rich History
    The first reason behind the game’s massive popularity is its rich history. If you are an adult, chances are that you played this game when you were young. The only difference is that you didn’t play it on a smartphone. Pokemon Go app has received a warm reception from both the kids and the adult. People of all the ages are appreciating the game. The ability to create a strong connection between people from different generations is one of the reasons why people in Brazil are going crazy over the game. Both the old and the young can play it without any limitations.
  • Simple and Easy to Play
    You don’t have to be an expert or have some special skills to play Pokemon Go. You can still make massive gains even on your first trial of the game. Since the game has very few barriers of entry, many Brazilians are jumping into this bandwagon without hesitations.
    Even people who are not into electronic or video games are finding Pokemon Go to be user-friendly. Unlike most games, Pokemon Go does not come with complex features or technology. You also don’t need to get another console.
  • AR Technology
    At this point in time, we can blame time as an important factor behind the popularity of Pokemon Go. The game came out just when AR technology was getting some traction in the public. Pokemon Go + AR is definitely a match made in heaven. The technology makes the game more intuitive by bringing the realism out of it. The AR interface makes players feel like they are part of the gaming environment. This feature makes Pokemon Go to be more entertaining and satisfying.
  • Addictive Loops
    Like most video games, Pokemon Go comprises of a loop. The loop of this game is made up of three stages and each stage is a build-up to the next one. This means that you will be becoming a better player as you go through different stages of the game. The first stage entails collecting stuff that you will use to catch Pokemon. The second stage will require you to collect Pokemon while the final stage requires a player to level the Pokemon.The different stages motivate players to continue playing the game non-stop.
  • Pokemon Go Stimulates Happy Hormones
    Another reason why people are crazy about Pokemon Go is it promotes the secretion of endorphins (happy hormones). You are likely to feel happy with every achievement that you make on the game. The game has proven to be a source of relief to many Brazilians, especially after a long stressful day at work.
    It is not just by coincidence that Pokemon Go is a popular video game.